Welcome to Southern Gal in The Valley

Owned and operated by Dietra Bynum, Southern Gal Catering began its' servicing through the clientele in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, in August of 2015 after one of her friends brought recognition to her extreme cooking skills, she began to dish out her work to others. 

Dietra Bynum is a native of Louisiana, the Pelican State. She started cooking at the age of eight under the supervision of her late grandmother, Winnie Green and her late mother, Willie Mae Green Patrick. She always watched her grandmother cook her favorites. She started with baking pies and cakes. She grew up in a community where the neighbors fed each other and that gave her the heart of wanting to feed others.
As time went on Dietra started cooking, feeding and entertaining family and friends. Her cooking brought pleasure to people's face in the community, and because of that she wanted to perfect her skills so she began watching cooking shows on TV and that's when her creativity shot like fire. With all of the feedback that was given, she became the great chef that she is known for being today.
She has catered small and large events at AID Atlanta, Stitch Fix, Golf Tournaments, Weddings and Piedmont Healthcare.
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